Monday, May 28, 2007

Wiring Valves And Controller In A Sprinkler System

Using Multi-Strand Wire-
This is an illustration of how you would wire your zone valves to your controller using multiple wires all inside of the same sheath. Multi-strand wire has 2 or more different colored wires but only one common wire, usually the black one. Notice that the black wire runs to each individual valve, and each colored wire is run to only one valve (you can use whatever color you want for your common).

(The illustration here shows the wires only, outside of the sheathing)

Using Single Strand Wire-
This illustration shows single strand wires run to the valves. Same principal applies- the one black wire runs to each individual valve while each red wire runs to only one valve (again, use whatever color you want for your common).

When using multi-strand wire it is a good idea to get a wire with more wires in it than are actually required. For example:

You have a three zone system (like the illustration above). Only 4 wires are required for a three zone system- The black common wire that runs to each valve, and the three different colored wires that run to one individual valve each.

If you want to have a back-up strand or 2 (in case some-one nicks a wire or one gets cut too short to work with) then buy a multi-strand wire with 5 or 6 multi-colored wires. This will allow you to add another valve or two in the future as well.

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